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Zhiruto by Tamsin Ley

Men in Black meets Beauty and the Beast

A date turned disaster 
When Officer Lora Griffin volunteered to be in the alien dating auction to help raise money for the local animal shelter, she didn’t expect aliens to start dissolving into puddles of goo. She immediately jumps to investigate. But the seven-foot tall alien built of solid blue muscle she gets partnered with makes it hard to remain focused under his panty-melting stare… 

A distraction from duty 
Someone’s trying to assassinate the royal family, and the prince’s personal bodyguard, Zhiruto, must capture him. But the instant he meets Lora, the ravishing, outspoken female puts a twist in his plans. For more than half his life, protecting the prince has meant everything to him, and taking a mate would end his career. But Lora’s his perfect match, and each moment he works alongside her, the connection to her grows undeniable.

As they narrow in on finding the assassin, the choices they make will not only determine their future—they could change the very balance of power across the galaxy.

Series Number
Book #2

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