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Zarros Alien Halfbreed by C. Y. Croc

Zarrus has been trapped on Planet Prismn for three-long-hard years, sent there by his evil step-sister, Zyle. She drugged, bound and then bribed Taraquets to ship him out with a cargo of convicted convicts, all so that she could lay claim to his estate. Now, finally escaped from the prison fortress, Zarrus wanders the planet’s surface fighting for survival, planning his revenge and trying to find a way to get off the hell-hole.

His hopes rise when one day he sees a struggling Taraquet shuttle making an emergency crash landing. But what he uncovers inside not only threatens to further endanger his life, it will also change the course of his future too.

Nina plans to turn her life around. She’s served her time and now with no one to meet her on her release day from a five-year sentence, she finally realises that she wants more from her life – a loving partner and a family to call her own. She just hopes God starts listening to her prayers instead of ignoring them.

Eager to increase the distance from the place of her incarceration and be on the road to a new life, she decides to hitchhike. Only, she never expected to be picked up by extra-terrestrials.

When she wakes to find herself in a place that made the penitentiary she just left look like Disneyland, she wonders what the hell she did to deserve such bad luck.

But just when she thought she’d been forsaken again, her prayers are finally answered.

Series Number
Book #5

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