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Zar-Rynn by Alana Khan

Their love will face the ultimate test.

Just days after meeting, Zar and Anya planned and executed a slave revolt, freeing themselves and their friends from their evil masters.

For the past three years, these truemates traveled the galaxy righting wrongs, and freeing slaves.

Their love is a beacon, an exquisite linking of body and soul.

What threatens their mated relationship couldn’t be predicted or prevented, and cannot be reversed.

Can love this deep transcend even the most devastating struggles?

Zar-Rynn is the sequel to the beloved, Pinnacle Award-winning first book in the Galaxy Gladiators Series, Zar.

New to the series? Zar-Rynn will give you all the backstory you need. Already a Zar fan? Fasten your seatbelt because you’re in for a wild ride. I promise, you didn’t see this coming!

Absolutely NO cheating and a Guaranteed Happily Ever After as Zar and Anya rediscover themselves and their eternal love as their relationship emerges stronger than ever.

For readers 18+

Series Number
Book #18

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