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Zalma: The Billionaire by L. H. Whitlock

When the supply ship Clover attempts to steal from suddenly takes off with her inside, she expects to be taken to Excrusia and tortured, not proposed to by a sexy millionaire who runs one of the most powerful houses in all of Istrance.

Clover has lived her entire life on Zalma, working in the mines and living in a run-down hut with her friends, barely making enough money to pay their taxes. Then, one day, a friend falls ill from a potentially fatal sickness that can only be cured with the precious gem, Letia. But while the gem is off-limits to those on Zalma, Clover knows just where she can find some.

When Lev’s parents prematurely passed, he was left alone to run a massive estate. He’s always dreamed of “true love” but has given up on that hope after so many years of waiting. Days after he submits his proposal to the Committee for a bride, a certain little redhead is caught stealing from his ship, and something inside him questions if an arranged marriage is really the right thing for him.

Second Edition of Miners of Zalma: Oppression


Zalma Series

Series Number
Book #1

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