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Xyron by Miranda Martin

After being sold into slavery on an alien planet, there’s only one person who wants to help Cora escape. But that’s not his decision to make.

Cora’s great grandmother sacrificed her life on earth in hopes of a better future for her descendants. The generational ship should be taking Earth’s survivors to a new paradise.

But those dreams are dashed when the ship is attacked by space pirates. Cora and a handful of other women end up on the gladiatorial planet of Krix where they’re sold into slavery.

Cora’s always been the weird girl. The last picked. So when one of the gladiator warriors says she’s his, she thinks it’s the same old game. But she’s going to find out there’s nothing this red-skinned, powerfully built alien competitor won’t do to win her heart.

Xyron wants to show her the pleasures of being his mate, but they are slaves, and their lives on not their own…

Spinning off from best-selling books the Red Planet Dragons of Tajss comes a new series by Miranda Martin and her soulmate James D Horton. Fans of Celia Kyle and Presley Hall are sure to love The Gladiators of Krix!

Series Number
Book #1

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