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Xixan and Nikki by C. Y. Croc

Xixan is a blue, bad ass ballsy alien. Nikki is a petite, pretty, perfect human. It’s not meant to work – but it just does!

After a tragic accident claimed the lives of her son and husband, Nikki thought life couldn’t get any worse.

That was until she’s abducted by a group of vile Taraquets – short rodent faced aliens with blood-red evil eyes.

But then she’s auctioned off along with nine other human females on an unknown planet.

A band of horny Brizzoks win the bid for her in a human auction, but then run into an 8ft blue Cagodian named Xixan on route with their new possession.

The Cagodian kills the Brizzoks in self-defence but finds he is now the protector of the small fragile female until he can get her back safely to Federation Headquarters.

Will Nikki ever see Earth again? Will she want to? Xixan is a very accommodating alien host!

Series Number
Book #1

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