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Xistrosie’s Law by K. B. Wheelock

All she wants is for her ship to be her own. Or at least that is what she tells herself…

Akiyra Ronzi, space pilot, flies solo by choice. Traveling the stars with her onboard Artificial Intelligence, Tiri, she always stays one step ahead of her past.

Until one day when five hunky men become her responsibility, and everything changes. ​

Having no idea what life off the glittering planet of Xistrosie is like, the men must fight alongside Akiyra against a powerful government and vengeful memories that chase them.

The discovery of a secret organization, existing only in shadows and whose purpose is unknown, complicates matters as Akiyra and her new family learn to navigate this unfamiliar universe.

Xistrosie has one rule: save a life, be owed a debt, but take a life and the debt is yours to pay

Xistrosie’s Law is the first book of the Raven Wars, a new space opera adventure series. It contains characters who are, at times, irreverent, but who counter with humor, sex-appeal, and raw emotion. They may also have an addiction to Deathwish Java and Edetraxi Java.

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Humans In Space M / F Space Opera

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