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Xell’s Entrapment by Mara Jaye


After the crash, I wake up in a pile of dead people. I pull my way free only to see our alien abductors in front of the space ship. I’m too afraid to tell them I’m alive, so when they abandon me on the deserted planet? Even the best survivalist on Earth wouldn’t want to be me right now.

I eke out life alone until a drone discovers me. I’m thrilled to talk with those who sent the device until they mention I’m on a quarantined planet and infected. Just when the drone goes silent, convincing me the friendly aliens have left, he arrives on my planet’s surface—a bronze god, who is the epitome of tall, dark, and handsome. The newcomer walks up to greet me, and I’m in instant lust.


I’m used to surprises but didn’t expect to find my bondmate on the galaxy’s only forbidden planet. Even from where I sit outside of the world’s atmosphere, I feel our connection. When I’m ordered to move on and complete my mission, I ignore my director.

Instead, I take a shuttle to the planet’s infectious surface, risking my life to spend whatever short time I have left with Xell.

Series Number
Book #3

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