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Xacier’s Queen by Lily Thomas

After a year of mated-bliss with Xacier, Samantha only has one last matter to resolve – bringing water to the Kellian people. Thrust into the role of queen, she feels the need to prove herself worthy of her people. Just as her atmospheric generators get up and running, someone plants a bomb in the facility. Suddenly, they are thrown into the Sri’thaen-human war, and she never would have guessed how her idealistic life would be turned upside down.

Xacier, the king of the Kell Empire, has put his Friren arena past behind him, but when he sides with the humans in the Sri’thaen war, he finds out just how far the Sri’thaens will go to win. After a mysterious bomber takes out Samantha’s water facility, she is abducted along with his sister, Bria. Now he’s on a mission to save them both, while reliving the memories of the arena as he fears her being lost to him forever.

Can the Kell Empire continue to support the humans in their war, or will Xacier and Samantha need to take a step back to save their love and lives?

Series Number
Book #19

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