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Within Alien Arms by Nessa Claugh

The war bride program is the only thing keeping Earth safe from the ravages of other aliens, right?

Every year thousands of human women ship off as brides to the planet Lukrim in exchange for Earth’s protection from Ralothian raiders. It’s a fair trade; Lukrim needs women and Earth needs guardians. It’s all volunteer, of course, except when a Lukrimian or two choose you as a wife and make you go.

My family’s farm is the only thing I have left and I’m determined to keep it, which means staying away from the attention of Earth’s alien overlords. When the four-armed Tremallin scout Dagnar crash lands on the distant edge of my property, I need to stay under the radar and not attract attention. The sooner he gets off of Earth, the safer I’ll be.

Series Number
Book #2

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