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Wing and a Prayer by Lea Kirk

Happily ever after didn’t work out.

After her divorce, Meryl Faulkner decided to embrace all the best life has to offer: family, friends, and retirement. She never expected a sexy winged alien to divebomb into her quiet, orderly life. And he seems to think he’s her mate!

Deemed un-mateable from birth.

Years ago, Rol Raptorclaw came to terms with the solitary life society thrust upon him. Serving his monarchs keeps him too busy to be lonely—mostly. So how is it that one maddening human female has inserted herself into his unworthy heart?

Rol is determined to convince Meryl he is not a flight risk, but can he do so before the trade negotiations with Earth wrap up and he must return home?

Welcome to the Silverstar Agency, specializing in intergalactic love matches for those over fifty.

Series Number
Book #2

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