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Wicked Prisoner by Lily Thomas

Jade Meeks is pursuing her career as a prison ship guard, but every time she looks for advancement, she’s pushed to the side. Her captain doesn’t believe a woman can handle prisoners, but she’s determined to prove him wrong. When they take on a few Vrak’rir prisoners, and those prisoners riot, she starts to wonder if the captain was right about her. Does she side with the attractive Vrak’rir prisoner who doesn’t treat her like an invalid or her captain who has no respect for her?

Kruhn Zerofe and his men got themselves arrested, so they could hijack a human prison ship for their Sri’thaen clients. The price was right, and everything was going fine, until he encounters his mate on the prison ship. He likes her spunk and her unwillingness to back down to the domineering men on the ship. The trouble is… the Sri’thaens mean to exterminate the humans, and his mate is human. Can he keep her safe from the Sri’thaens, while still fulfilling his obligation to his clients?

Series Number
Book #6

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