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White by S. J. Sanders

Before Arie and her mates, there was Emala.

Before the Order fell, there was a Master who governed over it and all of the citadel.

Raised in a gilded cage, Emala was given everything she wanted from the very day that the Master rescued her mother from execution. Born of a maternal lineage in which human brides were mated to the clannish northern Ragoru triads, Emala grew up listening to her mother’s stories of the Ragoru though she never expected to follow in her mother’s footsteps. She didn’t fantasize about a triad of mates to shower adoration on her, but a simple life in a village far away from the Master’s watchful eye. Though she knows nothing of surviving outside of the grand manor, when the Master comes to her with an impossible offer on her twentieth birthday, Emala dares to risk it all to find her way to freedom. Even if it brings the order down on her head.

When she is saved by a Ragoru and finds shelter with his triad through the winter, she discovers a possible love that could mend old wounds and may promise her the happy ever after that she always wanted.

White is a Ragoru Beginnings Romance with undercurrents of Snow White in its narrative.

Series Number
Book #1

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