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Weixler by Alyse Anders

Weixler has a plan for everything. When people listen and do what he says, things always work out. Trapped on a shuttle with his mate, his uncontrollable urges to possess her, and a desperate man who needs their help, Weixler’s plan falls apart faster than his inability to keep his hands to himself.

Petra has spent her life rushing forward blindly, chasing the high that comes with embarking on a new adventure. Boarding the Kraken to unknown space was the next logical thing to do after running away from her broken marriage. Discovering she’s the fated mate of a cyborg security expert seems like the biggest adventure of all. That is until he starts to lose control and must rely on her to do the one thing she’s always feared – being reliable.

As Weixler’s sexual inhibitor wears off, leaving his control in tatters, he and Petra must resist one another long enough to save the woman and win their freedom.

Series Number
Book #3

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