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Warrior’s Vow by Emma Alisyn

Terminally ill bride candidate + an alien wolf in doctor’s clothing = healing that lasts longer than a lifetime.

What can a Low Tier woman do when she’s terminally ill? Enter an elite alien warrior training program thinking there is no way she will ever be chosen as a bride and mate. She desperately needs the stipend to take care of her mother- especially when she has agreed to die in return for money.

He refuses to watch another woman he loves die. Secret warrior Jaron came to Earth to study human medicine as a part of the Yadeshi-human treaty and exchange program. When Mila entered his office months ago, he realized she possessed the spirit of warrior and healer- and decided he would do everything to make sure she lived. Even against her will. Even if it means bonding her as his mate… without her full knowledge. He’s determined that when she finds out what he has done, she won’t reject him.

But Mila is hiding secrets from Jaron. A girl has to hedge her bets and even though he told her to stay away from the research facility hosting a sinister clinical trial… well- they pay. And the more money she can squirrel away for her mother once Mila dies, the better.

Except now they want to know why Mila is miraculously healing from a terminal illness… they want to study the strange things happening to her DNA. They are willing to kidnap her to enforce her cooperation.

This is a steamy hot, science fiction romance for readers who love strong willed heroines and alpha male alien warriors. Perfect for your lunch break read. Standalone, #2 in the Yadeshi Brides series.

Series Number
Book #2

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