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War of Hearts by Linda Mooney

After being kidnapped from Earth by aliens and forced into slavery by the Jekmeerans, Zori VanTeagun and her fellow Terrans have a plan to escape and make it back home. Though commandeering a Jek ship seems impossible, it may be their only hope, and they’re not giving up without a fight.

Vergil Ond Hees Perd is tasked with leading a troop to conquer a new planet, and if successful, his crew will be there for a while. Needing a companion to keep him fit both physically and mentally, he’s given the opportunity to bind with a female of his choice, and he’s had his eye on one particular redheaded Terran for a while.

Being forced to bind with a Jek doesn’t settle well with Zori. She goes along with it (as if she had a choice) to get information for the rebellion, but she’s surprised to find out Ond actually cares for her. He knows she doesn’t feel the same for him but hopes she’ll come to care for him in time. When she learns why the Jeks are doing what they’re doing, Zori is torn.

The two come from different worlds, and have differing points of view. Ond sees it as saving his species; Zori sees it as kidnapping and slavery. He can’t blame her for fighting, and she can’t blame him for trying.

A rebellion is coming, but which side will they fight for?

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