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Virgo’s Prize by Ella Blake

The fate of my species rests with one lone female…

Lila: I’m working in a deep-space way station to pay for my sister’s tuition, when the station is attacked. I escape thanks to a blue-haired Heveian prince who says my blood can cure his people of the disease ravaging them. He’s terrifying, but with more frightening aliens intent on killing me… I take my chance on the Heveian.

Gavrox: The Malaise is slowly killing my species and our only hope for survival is a human female, Lila, whose “virgin” blood contains a protein that can cure us. Intent on killing us off and stealing our planet’s resources, my enemies are in hot pursuit, determined to stop me from finding Lila at any cost. But meeting her changes everything. My fangs ache for her. My heart belongs to her. She is mine, and I will sacrifice everything to keep her safe.

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