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Victoria’s Discovery by Stacy Jones

The last thing Victoria remembers is walking her roommate’s dog. So how did she end up in a cell, on a spaceship, surrounded by monsters?

Being abducted was scary enough. But when her captors lock her in with giant alien males, Victoria’s involuntary adventure becomes a whole lot more harrowing.

Thegan and Thorn awaken to find themselves caged with what they first think is a youngling. They soon find out the miniature female is all woman. Immediately drawn to her, they want the beautiful hess as their mate… but so does the watchful green male in the next cell.

When the spaceship crash lands on a slave planet, they’ll be forced to work together to keep her safe. But can they get Victoria to trust them? And when an enemy seizes the complex in which they land, can they protect her in the wilds of a dangerous alien city?


Taken Series

Series Number
Book #3

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