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Valeris by Alana Khan

How can a planet capable of interstellar spaceflight use such an outdated method to pick the queen? It leaves everything up to the whims of the Alagan River.


No female in a hundred years has succeeded in plucking the red flower from the rushing water, a feat which guarantees her mating to the king.

I’m still dripping wet and shivering when I’m ripped from my mother’s arms and dragged to the palace. Within hours, the high priestess has performed the mating ceremony binding me to a male I’ve never met–the King.

I never dreamed the fierce ruler would treat me with such affection that he would crack open my heart… or set my body ablaze.


The river may have picked her. I may be forced to mate her. But all the outmoded expectations of my ancestors can’t prevent me from banishing her to the East Wing once she presents me with a son.

How did the fates know this naive country female was more than my perfect match? She was the other half of my soul.

This sweet and sensual Cinderella retelling hits all the right notes from romance to spice. It features a happily ever after with no cheating and no cliffhanger.

You’ll adore this magical novella from bestselling author Alana Khan

For readers 18+

Series Number
Book #19

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