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Unexpected by Annalise Alexis

They’ve been missing for a century—an elusive alien species hidden somewhere in the deep expanse of space. Most of the Universe forgot they ever existed at all.

So, when a group of Illusians show up on my ship in the middle of the night demanding aid, I risk my life to let them in.

They’re beautiful, violent beings. Nearly hunted into extinction by a group of psychopaths dead set on owning and selling their females. As if that weren’t bad enough, now the general in charge of my station is blackmailing me, threatening to expel me—or worse—if I don’t comply.

I should protect myself, follow orders, and do as he says. But how can I, when the male leading their race claims me as his?

And I let him.

In the first installment of the Her Illusian Warrior series, can Jayla and Ren survive an insidious plot to destroy the Illusian race and everything they hold dear? Including each other?

For the grown and sexy only. This book contains strong language, sexual content and mention of sexual abuse

Series Number
Book #1

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