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UnBonded by V. C. Lancaster

For years, Kranu has only wanted one thing: to belong to a Queen. To be wanted, valued. Not to be passed over in the prime of his life. 

Now it seems he’s found his chance. Only problem is, the Queen in question is one of the strange ones that Bonded his brother, Gron. She feels miniscule next to him. They can’t understand a word the other says. She quakes in fear if he so much as looks at her. 

For years, Troii was perfectly content serving his Queen as an unBonded male. He played his role perfectly and felt no dissatisfaction, no ambition for more. That is, until his best friend Gron offered him his Queen to Bond to. It was enough to get him exiled, sent to wander the borderlands with Kranu, the surliest, most aggressive male in the tribe. All Troii wants is to get his old peaceful life back.

Now Kranu’s found a Queen, a tiny thing that’s terrified of him. Kranu is determined to be chosen. It’s Troii’s only chance to have a tribe again, though he’ll only admit to himself that he dares to want more than the life of an unBonded. 

There’s one thing to do if they’re to have a chance of getting what they want. They have to take this new Queen to Gron’s Queen, Ruth. Then maybe she will stop being afraid, and start to see them as something more than strangers.

Series Number
Book #3

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