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Tyree by Alana Khan

Can love be the transformation they need to survive?

Surviving a horrifying alien abduction and dangerous slave revolt, Grace thought she was finally safe on this spaceship full of protective alien gladiators. Until her musical improvisations accidentally go viral. Now she needs to overcome her crippling stage fright or it could mean death for them all.

The one good thing in her life is her new alien friend, Tyree. A few weeks ago he morphed from a small, female-looking elf into the hottest male this side of the Milky Way. Which means he has problems of his own, like avoiding tripping over the genitals swinging between his legs, and dealing with the constant arousal of being around Grace, the human woman haunting his fantasies.

If you like hot alien males discovering their true potential and the smart, courageous females who save the day, then join Grace and Tryee in the standalone third book in the paranormal romance Galaxy Gladiators Series.

Contains steamy sex scenes, muscular aliens, and badass heroines. Guaranteed happily ever after and no cheating.

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Abduction / Enslavement Alien Pairing

Series Number
Book #3

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