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Trial by Fire by Lea Kirk

True love only happens once in a lifetime, right?

Nixy Vogel waited a long time for wedded bliss, only to find herself widowed two years later. Working for the Silverstar Agency has helped ease her grief. So, why is the alien who’s trying to put them out of business stirring such a longing in her shuttered heart?

Waiting several lifetimes for “the one.”

The ancient mate-matching tradition of Kai Firewing’s clan could end unless the Silverstar Agency is exposed as a fraud. Simple enough to do…until his rival lights a fire in his heart as only the soul mate of an immortal phoenix can.

Will Nixy embrace her second chance before it—and Kai—goes up in flames?

Welcome to the Silverstar Agency, specializing in intergalactic love matches for those over fifty.

Series Number
Book #3

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