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Traitor’s Code by Jane Killick

When a dying fugitive entrusts Cassy with a forbidden code, she must protect a secret which promises to save humanity – and threatens to get her killed.

Freelance spaceship captain “Cassy” Cassandra investigates the mysteries of a code stolen from the Fertillan royal family while Prince Stephen, the head of its security service, pursues her.

Evading soldiers, fighting pirates and calling in favours, Cassy returns to her home planet of Fertilla where her past and its connection to a dead king wait for her. Realising the key to both lies with Prince Stephen, she closes in on her enemy. But, what begins as a clandestine probe for information, turns to love as she discovers the real man behind the military uniform.

Until Cassy cracks the code and understands she must escape Fertilla to bring salvation to the galaxy. Stephen follows, under orders to stop her, and only the final battle will decide if Cassy and the code survive.

A page-turning space adventure, Traitor’s Code mixes murder and intrigue with the heartache of impossible love in the first, unmissable installment of the Freelancer trilogy.

Series Number
Book #1

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