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Traitor: Alien Hunter’s Mate by Hattie Jacks

A fallen warrior… A forgotten human… A love discovered.

STELLA – One minute I’m in my bed, the next…I’m not on Earth anymore. Twin suns beat down and the sounds that creep from the forest tell me all I need to know.

I’m on an alien planet, and I’m not alone…

I’m being stalked by something terrifying and protected by someone who won’t show himself. I’m not sure what’s going to get me first, my shadowy guardian or the unnamed thing that haunts the night.

Either way, I have to stay alive, which means I have to keep running, whether he protects me or not.

TERX – I am an outcast from my own kind, roaming my ancestral lands searching for the truth.

The human female was not what I expected to find out here in the wilderness, her delicate beauty entrances me.

The creature that hunts her doesn’t stand a chance against me, but I’m just as dangerous. Mating her will be our downfall, no matter how fated it is.

Our new enemy took my tribe, my family, and made me betray my Empire to save them.

Then they killed them all anyway.

My heart tells me that saving her will heal everything. My head tells me to stay away and she will live.

The end of my species draws near…they might need me, but all I want is her…

Traitor: Alien Hunter’s Mate is the fifth in the Haalux Empire series by Hattie Jacks. A warrior without a hope meets a human female trying to find who she is. Can their forbidden love can save the Empire?

Steamy and untamed, these fated mates provide the epic conclusion to the series…

Series Number
Book #5

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