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Trained by the Interstellar Renegade by Ami Wright

He’s the captive she never wanted. She’s the trainer he never knew he needed.

Muscled, pierced and worldly, Titus Orfius Brutus is a Roman soldier dragged out of ancient history into the 31st century. With a penchant for pain and infuriating everyone around him, there’s no one he infuriates more than Kesha.

Working with him in the gladiator games was a constant trial. Kesha thinks she’s finally seen the last of Titus when he’s sold on to be a slave in a pleasure resort at the far edges of the settled galaxy. So when she’s forced to take him with her on a mission she never wanted, it’s like her worst nightmare. Until the game they play takes an unexpected turn into uncharted territory.

Titus shows Kesha just how far he’s willing to go to prove he can be what she needs. Will she give in to her desires or has she kept her heart caged for so long she’s lost the key?

Trigger Warning: Trained by the Interstellar Renegade is designed for a mature audience and contains explicit material. It also contains some content which could be triggering for some readers. A more detailed note is contained in the front matter.

Series Number
Book #2

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