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Tracked on Predator Planet by Vicky L. Holt

One Planet, Two Predators.

Mechanical Engineer Pattee Crow Flies knows trouble when she sees it. As her EEP is crashing, she’s mentally preparing for permanent residence on the jade-green planet visible through her viewport. All she has to do is make camp, find fresh water, and survive. Simple.

Hivelt left his favorite sword behind when he decided to fake his demise. On the hunting grounds known as Certain Death, he is home. With a future free of distasteful pandering to the queen Ikma, Hivelt looks forward to fishing, building a homestead, and enjoying life for once, but when he approaches the peaceful glade where he hopes to live out his days, he realizes one of the Soft Traveler’s people beat him to it.

For Pattee, survival is the goal. Hivelt just wants peace. Too bad for them, this is Predator Planet and survival is nearly impossible, let alone doing it peacefully.

Tracked on Predator Planet is part two of the Predator Planet Series. It introduces new love, new dangers, and new friendships with old favorites.

Series Number
Book #2

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