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Tied to the Alien Tyrant by Leslie Chase

Trapped on the Wrong World
Captured by an Alien Warlord
A Super-Sexy Alien Warlord…

The alien warlord is trouble. Dangerous, ambitious, deadly trouble. Worst of all, he’s smart. Between that and his rugged jaw, rippling muscles, and intense eyes, he makes me melt every time he looks my way. I should be planning my escape, finding a way back to the colony. Instead, all I can think about is what his blue skin will feel like.

Tzaron may be the toughest, most handsome man in a thousand lightyears, but he’s still the barbarian warlord who captured me.

He says he needs me for my technical skills, but I know better. Every smoldering glance, every touch of his blue skin, even the tone of his voice tells me he wants more. He wants me.

And the worst thing is, the longer I’m his prisoner, the less I want to escape.

Series Number
Book #3

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