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Thraal by Annabelle Rex

He would master his instincts. For her.

It seems to Divya that everyone around her is getting Matched. First her friends, then her brother, now her boss – and not so secret crush – has taken the test and is waiting on his beautiful Match’s arrival. When he asks Divya to be their wedding planner, Divya knows she should say no. Only, Divya has never been very good at saying ‘no’ to anything… Trapped between all these happily ever afters, helping the man she loves marry someone else, Divya realises there’s only one way she’s going to find a happily ever after of her own. She’s going to have to take the test.

Born in a brutal society where males have to fight for the favour of the much stronger females, Thraal is lucky to still be alive. Leaving behind this world to join his Match on hers is no real hardship, only, in the strange Human world Thraal doesn’t know any of the rules. He’s been told his female won’t like him fighting, but with no other males to fend off, how will he ever prove his worth to her? Thraal wants nothing more than to win Divya’s favour, but he’ll have to use Human methods. If only he knew what they actually were…

A steamy science-fiction romance featuring an adorably confused alien male and the people-pleaser female he would do anything to claim as his own.

Series Number
Book #8

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