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The Warrior’s Pet by Stephanie West

Giselle didn’t know how long she lay near catatonic, willing the terrible headache to go away. She sat up as one of the reptilian aliens entered. Giselle backed up and looked around, realizing she was alone in a gilded cage.
“What’s going on?” she stammered.
“If you’re wise you’ll keep quiet. Pets don’t speak on this planet,” the creature admonished.
A pet? Giselle’s eyes widened. She hadn’t misheard.
Her cage was moved into a large tent. There were hundreds of aliens gathered for the auction, and these creatures were the largest yet. The fearsome creatures had long tails that rose out from what looked like chainmail kilts. Their flesh was red like some kind of demon, with dark black hair, and stone-cold obsidian eyes. Giselle shrunk back when she saw the creatures also had sharp fangs. How in the hell could she get out of this, and if she did, how could she possibly survive on an alien planet?

Kagan beheld his pet. Nothing like her kind had ever set foot on Cadi. He wondered where in the universe her unique species hailed from. Giselle refused to behave and even enjoyed his attempts to rebuke her, reveling in the rough handling a male usually refrained from with females. She was brave instead of meek, standing up for herself in a sea of foreigners.

Can Giselle find acceptance and love on an alien planet, or will she always be nothing more than a warrior’s pet?

Series Number
Book #1

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