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The Warlord Season by Libby Doyle

Tyranny often comes from within. Beware the warlord.

The battle in the Destructive Realm is over and Zan O’Gara wants to love her mate in peace, but nothing is ever simple when it comes to the Covalent.

With many warriors wounded or exhausted by the fight, a new villain sees an opportunity to take power. He imprisons the Council and the healers. He hunts any warrior who refuses to submit to his authority. He throws Pellus’ mate into the Wasteland Dungeons.

An attempt on Barakiel’s life while he is in the healing sleep forces Zan and Pellus to flee to the Earthly Realm with the warrior long before he recovers from his wounds. Despite his injuries and loss of Balance, Barakiel pledges to reunite Pellus with his beloved. He vows the warlord will pay for this injustice in blood.

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, explicit sex, and sexual violence. Adults only! The Warlord Season is the fourth novel in a five-part series.

Series Number
Book #4

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