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The Vori’s Secret by S. J. Sanders

Some secrets can topple nations.

Already facing termination for her failure to carry Agraak young to term, when Jenn escapes from the breeding facility she knows that the Agraak would not rest until they found her. Possessing full knowledge of the location of their breeding facility meant that she’d never be safe. The royal families and elite castes of Agraak society would not allow their secrets to become known. 

When stowing away on a Buto trading vessel lands her on an illegal clearing in Vora, she discovers that finding a comm system and delivering the information she had to the Intergalactic Council wasn’t going to be as easy as she thought. After her own trauma at the hands of her Agraak “mate,” she is innately suspicious and frightened of alien males to her detriment as she flees into the deadly territory Vora’s Shagorith mountains. There she encounters the giant arachnid—the Shoyla, and threats both old and new. She also discovers companionship with an unlikely male Vori that conquers her fears and blooms into a love she couldn’t foretell.

Eyuul has an unjust reputation. After the humiliation of one failed attempt to mate an offworlder and his own inability to form nest-brother bonds with other males to share a female, he is an outcast among his own clan. Rumor has turned his one-time love into a string of affairs so that males do not trust him, and females turn away from him. Even his mother, the matriarch of the clan barely tolerates him. Of all Vori, he is more alone than any. When he saves a human female from drowning, he is drawn to her strength and odd vulnerability. He would do anything to aid her. Even when she flees from him in terror, he is determined to protect her and help her heal. Discovering her secret, makes him determined to help her. Discovering the mate he always wanted makes him fear the day when he might have to let her go.

Series Number
Book #7

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