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The Vengeance Season by Libby Doyle

To keep her safe, he will confront his evil father. To keep him strong, she will overcome horrors no human has ever faced.

After explosive events at the winter solstice, Zan is happy to sink back into her job with the FBI. She should have guessed her normal times wouldn’t last. Barakiel loves her and Lucifer—his ruthless father—knows it.

When Barakiel learns his father is searching for the means to navigate the cosmos, he fears Zan is in grave danger, not to mention the citizens of his homeworld. Lucifer could appear in the Earthly Realm at any moment. He could appear on the manicured terraces of Covalent City.

The solution is clear. Barakiel and his allies must convince the Covalent leadership to march on the Destructive Realm.

They must take the war to Lucifer’s Keep.

WARNING: This book contains foul language, violence, explicit sex, and sexual violence. Adults only! The Vengeance Season is the third novel in a five-part series and concludes a major story arc.

Series Number
Book #3

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