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The VaDorok by S. J. Sanders

First contact changed things on Earth. It opened new, only previously imagined, possibilities. In what started as a trip to participate in a cooperative study, Sara found herself sold off as a test subject for breeding compatibility research to a species known as the Agraak. Determined that she would not submit to be bred or relocated to serve as a breeder for the rest of her life, she escaped into the wilds of a hostile subarctic planet. Not knowing who to trust, and almost dying on the ice flows, she is rescued by a male larger than life whom her body instinctually craves. 

A warrior-priest of the VaDorok, Vidok had long given up hope of finding his ulukska, his one true mate. When he finds a tiny female offworlder on the ice flows of the far northern territory she brings forth his mating heat and his life changes. To keep her, he not only has to help her save her companions but must also face repercussions among his tribe and the Intergalactic Council.

*Warning: the first two chapters contain elements involving rape

Series Number
Book #1

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