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The Slave’s Duty by L. P. Peace

Claimed from his owner by Hekalion Dar, Decimen’s life is only getting harder. The Bentari representative to the Intergalactic Council wanted him, and what Hekalion Dar wants he gets.

Four solars have passed since he twice had the promise of freedom stolen from him. But allies are finally moving to free him, and they’re putting a vulnerable human before his new owner as bait.

Stolen from Earth orbit as a child and sold as a slave, Arabelle has been bought by the rich Bentari as a sex slave and gift for his son. Arabelle accepts that happily-ever-after is not something she will ever be allowed to have. The golden-skinned Aavani, Decimen, is her only light in the darkness.

Even if they only have a few days before they’re separated forever.

As the plan unfolds, and Dar threatens them with public horrors and humiliation, a previously unknown instinct arises in Decimen demanding he save his mate!

TRIGGER WARNING: The hero and heroine live in a world where both of them are considered property and/or a sexual commodity. There is also a brief MM scene unrelated to the hero within this novella. Please do not read this book if this is a trigger for you or is likely to offend you.

Series Number
Book #1

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