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The Shikari by Sevannah Storm

Unlike her brilliant xeno-zoologist father, Mikaela can’t keep an alien creature alive. During her futile attempts, an alien rat bite triggers superhuman mutations, changing her into who knows what, and it might be killing her. Desperate to keep her late father’s ship running, she accepts a lucrative contract to tag and bag a dragon-like creature. She teams up with her childhood crush, Kiros, and his merry band of mercenaries.

En route to the faraway Cetus constellation, while fending off attractive Kiros, downright erotic dreams of a yellow-eyed man named Tieren torment her. When Kiros steals her prize and lures her into danger, she must rely on the real and gorgeous Tieren to stop Kiros. The xeno fauna injuring Kiros and Tieren forces her to choose who to save, her lying friend or her new flame who’s stolen her heart across parsecs.

Series Number
Book #1

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