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The Prisoner’s Deception by L. P. Peace

A criminal looking for a quick payday. An officer trying to survive her cruel master. They must work together to change their fates.

When Tara is sent to the prison moon of Vadan and abandoned on the surface with no supplies and no plan, all she can think about is putting distance between her and the moons criminal inhabitants. When she stumbles into the irrepressibly flirtatious Danithor, he promises her a way off the planet; all she has to do is trust an alien, one she can see is keeping things from her.

When Danithor finds an attractive human female days before he’s rescued from Vadan, he sees an opportunity for a payday that could make up for terrible wrongs he committed against his family six solars ago. But Tara evokes things in him he’s never felt, and awakened ancient instincts he didn’t know existed.

Can Danithor admit the truth before he makes a terrible mistake?

Worse still… can he save Tara from the cruel Hinari that is tracking her every step?

Series Number
Book #4

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