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The Officer’s Mess by L. P. Peace

Can she trust them?

Trapped on board a Temerin ship, Danielle avoids the aliens who rescued her from the IGC during that fateful explosion. Aerdan, Haddis and Bedvir in particular seem to dog her every step even as Danielle does everything she can to avoid not just them, but the feelings they evoke in her.

When Danielle realises she’s fallen in love with all three of them, she fights her darkest memories, and their natural competitiveness, to find a future for them all.

Discovering the Tessans have put a bounty Tolomus, Danielle and the crew of Compound Errors engage the entire Temerin nation to find and take down the infamous slaver once and for all.

Can their new family survive contact with the enemy?

If you love cheeky, competitive aliens in an RH romance with a Earth woman looking for love and redemption, you’ll love The Officer’s Mess. This is a mfmm, full-length, standalone, alien sci-fi romance. There are no cliffhangers or cheating and a HEA is guaranteed.

TRIGGER WARNING: Please be aware that the heroine is dealing with past trauma of abuse throughout the book, but has three awesome guys helping her heal.

Series Number
Book #3

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