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The Million Miles High Club by Suki Selborne

KALIA: I’m an independent career woman. I shoot the bad guys myself, and I fly my own ship. The last thing I have time for is a man. So when the Celestial Mates cherub tells me I’m next on the list for a mate? I laugh.

But then I see him. Seven feet of alien muscle, a face like a movie star and a tongue that could drive a girl wild.

I can’t stop staring at the eye candy, but that’s all he can ever be. Humans don’t date Yolcadians. And I’ll be lucky if I even get off this alien ship alive.

SCORVAN: Yolcadian soldiers swear an oath to stay single. So when the captivating human with the black hair crash-lands on my ship, I know I should keep away.

The problem is, I never was very good at following orders.

I’m going to save this beautiful female. And I’m going to make her mine. Even if I have to fight everyone in the galaxy to get to her.

THE MILLION MILES HIGH CLUB is the first YOLCADIAN WARRIORS alien romance set in the Celestial Mates shared world.

Series Number
Book #1

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