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The Mercenary’s Dawn by L. P. Peace

A Mercenary looking for a future. An escaped slave fleeing from the past. Their love will reshape worlds.

When Alethia is kidnapped while trying to free slaves, it seems her deepest nightmares are coming true. Her ‘rescue’ by Thanesh, leader of the Protectorate, a group of hardened mercenaries, is short-lived when the past catches up to the mysterious alien leader, revealing things about both of them which will change their future forever.

Thanesh and Alethia must now fight side-by-side or face the horrifying consequences.

The Mercenary’s Dawn is a full-length steamy SFR featuring a tenacious heroine and a possessive, but loving alpha. It also features a strong sci-fi universe, a thrilling adventure and a slow burn, enemies to lovers, story ending in a guaranteed HEA. This book is part of a larger arc and is best enjoyed as part of the series, however, it is also a complete story that can be read as a standalone.

TRIGGER WARNING: There is a brief assault attempt at one point of the book which is not gratuitous in any way, and the heroine lives in a world where human females are considered a sexual commodity. Please do not read this book if this is a trigger for you.

Series Number
Book #1

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