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The Keeping by Danielle Kaheaku

Carly is not crazy. At least that’s what she keeps telling herself after surviving a failed alien abduction and losing her best friend during a wild weekend in Vegas. When government officials smooth things over with a plausible explanation for the blackouts, Carly tries to put the event behind her.

But then Samantha returned home, bringing two of the aliens with her, and Carly’s world is turned upside down–again–when the younger brother’s affections are turned her way.

Krissik Sa Tskir is everything Carly had ever wanted in a man. Tall, handsome, strong as an ox and with a quick mind to match, Carly is more than happy to teach the naïve alien all the right ways to handle a needy Earth girl.

Then government forces from the alien planet arrive on Earth intent on greater destruction than their first invasion, bringing to light dark secrets from the brothers’ pasts, and questions of loyalty and motive that Carly cannot overlook.

Mind struggling and heart torn, Carly must decide her role in the oncoming battle, and whether a certain alien has a place in her future.

If you like sexy cat-like aliens, steamy romance, thrilling adventure, tortured heroes, and several good laughs, you will love this full-length standalone novel. No cheating, lots of humor, and multiple happily ever afters guaranteed

Series Number
Book #2

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