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The Indenture & The Alien Prince by Gemma Voss

I’m a nobody. I was sure that I could make it through this indenture without being noticed, but a mysterious alien tells me he wants me for his mate. The question is … Who is he?

Jocelyn knows that the only way to get on her feet financially will be a farming indenture program on a distant moon. But when a mix-up lands her on a ship full of beautiful, talented women, she finds herself becoming a member of their diplomatic mission to seduce a royal court full of horny, rich, un-mated lords. Having no interest in finding herself stuck with an alien husband, Joce knows she’ll have to lay low if she wants to collect her pay-day unscathed. Easier said than done when there’s a mysterious alien suitor that’s got his eye on her…

As the crown prince of a neutral planetary system, Zade knows it’s best to be wary of diplomatic gifts. The Alliance Ambassador has hand-picked a selection of entertaining females from a new colony called Earth in the hopes of gaining his favor. Still, Zade will have to appear impartial while the other males have their fun with his indentures. But, when he sees one particularly enticing human, he can’t help but wonder if she is the mate he’s been dreaming of. Afraid his controlling mother will chase her away, Zade decides to pursue her in secret, without revealing his true identity.

Welcome to Zalede, the capital planet of the wealthiest system in the charted universe. Here in their luxe metropolis known as the Glittering City, the males are ruled by passion, honor, and intergalactic trade. There’s more than enough alpha male to go around, and if the Fates are kind, he just might have a title…

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