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The Frontier by Laurel Richards

The planet of Silveira has been colonized by humans for over twenty years. When wildlife biologist Lilah Reiss is sent to hunt down a man-eater that is attacking her fellow colonists, she assumes she’s after one sick animal. Instead she discovers that something is very wrong with Silveira’s top predators. The animals are moving oddly, and they’ve begun to target humans. Her budding relationship with Darren Jayr, her outpost’s medical doctor, is put to the test when civilization and nature collide. As the number of attacks increases, she and Darren must find out what is causing the change in behavior…and how to stop it from spreading to the colonists.

Content: m/f romance, love scenes, animal attacks, medical drama, hunting alien animals, euthanasia of alien predators that have attacked humans, no cliffhangers, can be read as a standalone novel (set in the same universe as The Colony)

Series Number
Book #2

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