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The Edoka’s Destiny by S. J. Sanders

Destiny Delaine has had enough. As daughter of a former high-ranking general who now served as the Ambassador of Earth and a socialite mother, she has been reared to be the proper young woman and helpmate. Her parents had her life all planned out, right down to her arranged marriage with one of the planetary representatives under her father. No one asked her what she wanted. Determined as too fat and too old for the Mate Index, she decided to take her own destiny into her hands. She never expected that stowing away on a trade vessel would deliver her to her three destined mates.

As an Edoka Clannid, A’Jular, Sha’melor and E’budar are as different as brothers can get. Sha’melor is the eldest and member of the Council of Clans and ambassador for Edokora. Unlike his carefree brothers, his life is one of rules and has to be steadfast and reliable while his brothers manage the family business, while A’Jular runs as an aggressive trader and E’budar manages the business end when not getting himself into one trouble or another. When A’Jular is frozen out of the family accounts by his brother when he tries to purchase mate-hunting rights he thinks his plans have been thwarted until he finds himself in possession of a very special stowaway—their mate. 

Although biologically compatible with only a single shared fated mate, they have to set aside their differences and come together to make their clannid a real family and protect their female at all cost.

Series Number
Book #3

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