The Commander’s Fated Mate by Lily Anton


He is a Commander of the Debir Forces. One with countless accolades behind him.

Now, he’s been relegated to oversee the Debiraan Embassy on Earth, a planet whose humans are ungrateful and ignorant of the risk they’d faced had he and his people not saved them from the threat of the Baza.

The only good that had come of it, and he used that term loosely, was that these humans were reproductively compatible with his species, offering his fellow Debir’s hope that whatever the Baza had done to dwindle their population could be overcome.

Still, he has no desire for such things, or worse…to find his huerta -his other half-, something all Debirs long for and cherish above all else.

He isn’t sure what’s worse: that he found his huerta…or that she’s human.

Such a thing should not be possible. Yet, the more he tries to deny it, the stronger the pull towards her, and he’s losing the battle to keep himself away.


The Debir had invaded Earth. Well, that’s what people said anyways. Leila wasn’t so sure, although she’d been one of the lucky ones who didn’t have her life upheaved at the revelation that aliens do exist.

A chance walk has her coming to the aid of a Debir in need, an event that all but turns her life completely upside down.

Suddenly, she can’t get a certain seven-foot tall, gray-skinned and golden-eyed Debir Commander out of her thoughts. What’s worse, there’s a song in her head that is apparently known as the Calling. Like some sort of guaranteed biological match-making service.

No thank you.

There is no love at first sight or instant compatibility, and she certainly had no need for a husband or partner. If only fate would cooperate.

A security threat now has her stuck with a bunch of other humans. On a ship. In space. His ship.

She isn’t sure what’s worse: that she’s experiencing the Calling for a man she doesn’t even know…or that he’s just as frustrated about being Called to her as she is.

Series Number
Book #1

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