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The Builders by Tonya Cannariato

Earth’s alien progenitors have returned…

Abuse survivor Tara Shifflet just wanted to catch her flight out of Milwaukee after an arduous event planning gig. Unfortunately, thanks to the mysterious bio-tattoos that are cropping up on airport tarmacs across the globe, she’s not getting back home to her therapy cat anytime soon.

For Navenah, an alien engineered to mix with humans, her mission has her searching for “generators” to save her dying race. The problem is, Navenah’s intel on what kind of humans these generators will be is vague at best, and until she finds one, she’s earth-bound…just as stuck as Tara.

A chance run-in at a hotel bar sets the two on a race against time to save Navenah’s people. Unexpected pleasure brightens the path, but amidst the worldwide chaos over first contact, will their newfound connection be enough to prevent a galactic die-off?

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Alien Contact Alien Pairing F / F Humans In Space

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