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The Alien’s Revenge by Ella Maven

“All I lived for was revenge. Until her.”

Miranda: I’m on a strange planet surrounded by blue aliens and women who clearly have Stockholm Syndrome. I’m not content to pump out alien babies and have dinner cooking for my guy after he returns from a long day of hunting and gathering. Independence is great until my solitary exploration leads me right into the hands of a savage, horned alien who barely speaks but has no intention of letting me go. The worst part? His survival skills are actually kinda turning me on.

Drak: After I’m exiled, the only thing on my mind is revenge. Other than that, I’m merely existing as a beast and a shadow of the warrior I once was. Until I see a human female struggling for her life. I save her, but then I find I can’t let her go. For the first time, I’m not thinking of revenge, I’m focused on providing for her, feeding her, and keeping her safe. But the one responsible for exiling me isn’t done with his betrayal. This time, I’m fighting harder to reclaim my place… and my female.

The Alien’s Revenge is a full-length Sci-Fi Romance novel featuring an independent, fiery heroine and a tortured, possessive hero with savage fighting skills.

Series Number
Book #4

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