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The Alien’s Handler by Gemma Voss

An alien species dedicated to eradicating emotions and relationships–
If these aliens can’t feel sexual attraction… Then why is he staring at my ass?

The Earth’s been alien-occupied for five years now, and Ella’s just fine with that. She loves her job as a Handler at the local research facility where she helps aliens navigate life on Earth. But when she’s assigned a brand-new team of alien warrior scientists that use tech to suppress their natural hormones, she realizes she’s going to have her work cut out for her. These silver-skinned hotties are here to study reproduction, but they are seriously clueless about sex…

Kila’s on an important mission to find a solution that will cure the dangerous drop in Kar’Kali birth rates. If they ever want to win the war in Sector 5, Kila and his team will need to study human mating techniques. But when he cannot take his eyes off their new human Handler, he starts to worry that the feelings she gives him are a result of a serious malfunction to his brain chip. It’s not long before Kila is sure he’s turning into a lustful Alpha-male monster, just like the ancestors he’s always been taught to hate.

In the new series Virgin Warriors of Kar’Kal, a team of scientists from a warrior race will discover that the mating call of their ancestral culture is not as suppressed as they thought it was. One by one they will fall victim to their fated mate, and all the unpredictable feelings that come with her…

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Alien Pairing Earth Aliens Fated Mates M / F

Series Number
Book #1

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