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The Alien’s Defiance by Calla Zae

“Love is the most powerful frequency in all dimensions. It creates many realities that can save us. Or destroy us.”

Orphaned as a child, Aleeya is now a warrior with standards and expectations. The search for her past leads her to defy a powerful darkness that could annihilate everyone she cares about. An attractive human shows her that her defiance is the key that battles the darkness and unlocks her heart.

Kenzo, a bounty hunter living in the shadows, encounters a stunning star-being who tempts his heart. But the thirst for vengeance for his brothers’ killer prevents him from love. Can he defy his own demons to find salvation in her?

As the false light grows, Aleeya and Kenzo must join forces to fight for love and truth before darkness reigns supreme.

Series Number
Book #2

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