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The Alien’s Boss by Gemma Voss

My alien mate doesn’t believe in love. He believes in his duty to re-populate the species. But I won’t settle for anything less than everything.

The Kar’Kali lab team has been drawing some dangerous attention to the Piney Laboratory in what was once a sleepy Earth suburb. Jen Marsden, Head of Research, knows they need to beef up security, but she wasn’t prepared for the Alliance government to outfit her building with an entirely new military facility. When she realizes that the military presence will be focused on keeping the Kar’Kali warriors side-lined and Earth-bound, she finds herself trapped between the demands of her superiors and her personal loyalties to the aliens she’s grown to care for.

Pakka has done his best to protect his team while performing his duties to the Kar’Kali people. But with no suppressor chips and no way of knowing what information the Alliance is hiding, Pakka’s starting to feel like he’s failing in his role as leader. To top it all off, the mating call has now come for him. With everything the Kar’Kali are facing, Pakka fears the mating frenzy will derail all his plans. But he does know precisely who his breeding mate would be— only the most fierce and intelligent female he knows…

In the series Virgin Warriors of Kar’Kal, a team of scientists from a warrior race will discover that the mating call of their ancestral culture is not as suppressed as they thought it was. One by one they will fall victim to their fated mate, and all the unpredictable feelings that come with her…

Series Number
Book #3

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